April Remote Calendar:


Effective 3/8/2021

Regarding Student Schedules

  • You will remember that all CVUSD high schools had to rebuild its master schedule for second semester in order to accommodate all the requests to move to a remote schedule.  Consequently, students are likely to have different teachers and subjects in different periods than they had during 1st semester.  Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the changes.  Our counselors will still be tweaking schedules over the weekend, so please make sure to check your schedule on Monday! We apologize for the frustration that this may cause you and your student.
  • Most requests for a change in Learning Option has been granted and changed in Q. In order to verify your student’s current Learning Model, please utilize Q Parent Connect (https://conejo.vcoe.org/parentconnect/).  Once logged in, select your child and click on Class Cohort from the menu on the left-hand side.  This will display your student’s current Learning Model.  If the model on Q does not match the option you requested, please contact Mrs. Doherty in our Instruction Office.
  • When looking at your student’s 2nd semester schedule, it may seem a bit confusing, at first.  If you see more than one class per period, the class dated 1/15/2021 is the correct semester two class.


Official TOHS Campus Tour:







Greetings interested families!  We're thrilled that you want to know more about TOHS and whether or not our school will be a good fit for your student.  While our School Choice priority deadline has passed, TOHS is still accepting applications for students who wish to transfer to our school next fall.  In order to help your decision making process, we are scheduling several virtual tours hosted by our Principal, Dr. Bergmann.  During the tour, he will be covering all aspects of what makes our school unique and will be able to answer any and all of your questions.  We're scheduling virtual tours on the following days and times this spring if you are interested in taking a closer look:


* Tuesday, March 9th, 3pm - 4pm

* Wednesday, March 24, 1pm - 2pm

* Tuesday, April 20, 3pm - 4pm

* Wednesday, May 5, 1pm - 2pm

* Tuesday, May 18, 3pm - 4pm


To register for a tour, please complete and submit this form:  https://forms.gle/75NKtPbEE6gAcrpy6

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