Looking to Get Involved - RMS Weekly Activities 2021 - 2022

Clubs at Redwood


COVID GUIDANCE FOR CLUBS:Clubs can choose to meet outdoors and eat together so that members will have the full 30 minute lunch time to share with one another. Clubs can choose to meet in classrooms but students will need to eat in the Quad first and then go to their meeting for only 20 minutes of club time. Any guests/volunteers to club meetings must provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test prior to attending a club meeting. 

SAFETY GUIDANCE FOR CLUBS: All club members must be walked to club meetings from the base of the east or west stairs depending on club meeting location. Once club members have club passes, they need not be led to their meeting; instead, they need only show their club pass to an adult. 

Pride Club with Mrs. Musgrove and Mrs. Elkington: In front of the gym in the shade on Tuesdays (started Aug. 31)

Journalism Club (newspaper and TV) with Mrs. Musgrove: In room 19 on Wednesdays (started Sep. 1)

Board Game Club with Mrs. Dunn: In room 43 on Thursdays (started Sep. 2)


Vocal Wednesdays Choir Club with Mrs. Leininger: In room 46 on Wednesdays (started on Sep. 8)

Theater Thursdays Club with Mrs. Leininger: In room 46 on Thursdays (started on Sep. 9)


Wyldlife Christian Club with Mrs. Smith: At the front gate on Fridays (started on Sep. 17)


Head-to-Toe Beauty Club with Ms. Berg: In room 11 on Tuesdays (started Sep. 21)

Community Outreach Club with Ms. Berg: In room 11 on Wednesdays (started on Sep. 22)

Archeology Club with Mr. Benton: In room 39 on Thursdays (started on Sep. 23)


Latinx Club with Mrs. Balam: In front of the gym on Mondays starting October 4

6th Grade Bingo with Ms. Swink: In room 13, starting TBD

Library Club with Mrs. Prokey: In the library, starting TBD

Color Guard Club with  TBD

Jazz Band Club with TBD

Art Club with Ms. Sturges: In TBD

Black Student Union Club with Mr. Zasadil: In TBD

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