ASSEMBLIES - Redwood has a wide range of assemblies throughout the year to appeal to the interests of all.

AWARDS NIGHT - Redwood's Award's Night is held to honor sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students for both academic achievement and service. The last dozen years we have honored many students. Only those students being honored at Awards Night and their parents receive invitations to attend the ceremony. It is an exciting and rewarding evening for both students and parents.

LUNCHTIME ACTIVITIES - The leadership class plans competitions that occur during lunchtime.

SWAPA - STUDENTS WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE - Teachers are given SWAPA tickets to reward students who have demonstrated good citizenship in some manner. During scheduled lunchtime SWAPA activities, each student who has a ticket is rewarded. There are also monthly drawings for larger prizes.

RENAISSANCE PROGRAM - students must now meet the following criteria:

Gold Card Recipients have earned all A’s and E’s / S’s in citizenship and work habits.

Silver Card Recipients have earned all A’s and B’s, and E’s / S’s in citizenship and work habits.

Bronze Card Recipients have earned all A’s, B’s, C’s and E’s / S’s in citizenship and work habits, or recipients have shown a .5 GPA improvement from quarter grading period to quarter grading period, to the 2.0 level or above.

A mark of an “N” or “U” in citizenship or work habits disqualifies a student from earning a Renaissance Card for a specified grading period.

STELLAR STUDENTS - Each of the departments nominates a sixth, seventh, and an eighth grade student to be honored for academic achievement, tremendous improvement, or for excellent citizenship. In order to be selected, the student must be approved by the entire staff. This is an opportunity to honor some of Redwood's special students as well as their parents.

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