Submissions Format and Mounting Requirements

Be sure you closely follow the CAPTA directions for your art category (Visual Arts, Film, etc…) found here:CAPTA Rules & Guidelines.These include:

Visual Art or Photography
-Mount your artwork (Visual Art or Photography) on black foam core or cardboard covered in black paper, using tape. ( See rules for 3D work on the capta website.)
-Foam core mounting: use masking tape or other adhesive to mount artwork in center of foam core, make sure to have a 1-4 inch border of black showing, like a frame. (not to exceed size 24"x30" including border for Visual Arts, 11"x14" including border for photography). 
-Remember to tape your Entry Form to the back of your mounted artwork! 
-The Reflections committee will wrap your work with cellophane wrap.

-Must be submitted on 8.5"x11" paper and be up to 2,000 words. Visit CAPTA website for acceptable forms to submit.

Music Composition, Dance Choreography, and Film 
-Submissions must not exceed 5 minutes. Visit the CAPTA website for acceptable forms to submit. 

General Information and Forms

Students are responsible for following the PTSA Reflections guidelines & for turning in a complete registration form.
This year's deadline is Wednesday, October 7th.
Turn your entries in to the Redwood office, in the Big Box.

Reflections Rules by Category

 Dance Choreography    English    Spanish
 Film Production    English
 Literature    English
 Music Composition    English
 Photography    English
 Visual Arts    English
 Special Artist    English

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