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Period Monday - Friday
1 Science 7.1 
2 Math 7.1
4 Science 8.1
5 Math 7.1
6 Math 8.1


  Math/Science Citizenship Science Work Habits/Effort Math Work Habits/Effort
E= Excellent No more than 1 tardy AND an A in Participation/Materials A in Homework/Class Work/Lab A in Homework/Class Work
S= Satisfactory No more than 2 tardies and/or a B in Participation/Materials B in Homework/Class Work/Lab B in Homework/Class Work
N= Needs Improvement No more than 3 tardies AND an A in Participation/Materials C in Homework/Class Work/Lab C in Homework/Class Work
U=Unsatisfactory More than 3 tardies OR a D or an F in Participation/Materials D or an F in Homework/Class Work/Lab D or an F in Homework/Class Work

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