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Period Monday - Friday
 A  PE 6 
1 PE 7
2  PE 7 
3 PE 7
4 PE 7
6  PE 6


Is there extra credit work I can do?

Talk with the teacher.

How do I make up missing/absent work from Physical Education class?

Pre-schedule a time at lunch or after school with Mr. Fick.

What Helath Realted Fitness (HRF) areas are we tested on in Physical Education?

1. Upper Body Strength -Pull ups, Chin ups, Flexed Arm Hang (Both), Push ups(Isotonic and Isometric)
2. Aerobic Capacity - Mile Run, Landmark Runs, Pacer Testing
3. Flexiblity - Sit and Reach Test, Trunk Lift, and Shoulder Stretch
4. Muscular Endurance - Curl Ups, etc
5. Body Composition- Fitnessgram Test ONLY (Height and Weight): BMI SCORE

Where can I check my son or daughter's current grade?

Please check Zangle-Parent Connect. Grades are updated almost daily.
Requirements: Username and password/identification

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