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Period Monday - Friday
1 Science 7EDGE
3 Math 7A
4 Guided Studies
5 Math 7A
6 Math 7A


Is there extra credit work I can do?
No, perform well on tests, quizzes and projects and do hw with accuracy

How do I know if my student has homework?
Look on the assignment sheet which lists all assignments for the chapter. Expect homework Monday through Friday. You can also see when tests are scheduled by looking at this sheet. A copy of the assignment sheet is on my web page.

What are the weights given to various categories when grading?
60% on tests quizzes and projects and 40% on hw and classwork.

What course comes after 8CP?
Algebra 1 CP

Is it okay for my student to turn in late assignments?
No. Assignments are due the next school day. It’s a good idea to still do the late assignment, both for the practice and for later access during homework checks. One or two missed assignments won’t be disastrous, but a pattern of missing work will definitely affect the student’s grade. Students who are absent have until the day after they return to show me late work. If it is a multiple day absence arrangements will be made.

How can I know my student’s grade?
1. You can check on Zangle but please be aware that I am a working Mom and it may take a few days to get their test/quiz scores in.
2. I will post grades periodically on the wall using ID #s as a reference.
3. In addition to the report card, you will receive a progress report in the middle of each trimester from Redwood. The report card and progress report dates are on the Redwood Website.
4. Sometimes I wll give the student a printout of thier grade for you to sign.

What course comes after Pre-Algebra 7H?
Usually 8H Algebra 1 but some students may not be ready. If a student falls below a B- at any time during the year then we will discuss the options for the following year at that point.

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