Weekly Practice Sheets consitute the majority of assigned homework.  Practice sheets are due each week on Friday.  They will also be accepted the following Monday and Tuesday.  After Tuesday the grade will be lowered one letter grade for each week late. Practice sheets should be turned in to the Practice Sheet Box located in the band room.

In addition to daily practice on their chosen instrument, students may also count private lessons, marching practice, non-school rehearsals (honor bands, youth orchestra etc...) and RMS Band performances (students will be told in class how much practice time each performance will be worth). If illness prevents you from practicing, you must turn in a practice sheet and write "Sick" or "Illness."

Extra Credit
Practice sheets are not required for the Winter and Spring Breaks but can be counted for Extra Credit.
To receive extra credit for attending a live musical performance the student must write a one-page paper about the live performance they attended.  It can be hand written or typed.  Students must use the Live Perfornance Paper instructions.


Brass Resource VideosCollection of resources put together by a music teacher.
Free Online MetronomeEssential practice tool for student's who don't own their own metronome
Free Online TunerFree tuner that can be transposed for specific instruments.
Morgan Bumper CompanyInexpensive bumper for students with braces (our students have tried them and like them!)
U.S. Army Band Educational Video SeriesBand instruments instruction provided by some of the best musicians in the country. Not entertaining but helpful.
Vic Firth Percussion Education VideosEducational Videos covering all aspects of percussion instruments.

Audio Play-Along Practice Files

These files may be downloaded for home practice. Students can play along on their instrument or brass players can "buzz" on their mouthpiece to increase pitch accuracy. When buzzing on the mouthpiece, students should rest for 2-3 minutes between each exercise.

Resource Recordings

These recordings are provided as reference for band students. Some files will be links to outside websites such as the composer or publisher's site.
First Hanukkah CelebrationBeginning and Concert Bands
First Holiday ConcertBeginning and Concert Bands
Holiday Bells are RingingBeginning and Concert Bands
Appalachian MorningVentura County Honor Band
El Camino RealVentura County Honor Band
Midway MarchVentura County Honor Band
Midway March (original version played by US Marine Band)Ventura County Honor Band
Danny Boy (Irish Tune from County Derry)Viking Band
Make Way For MelodyViking Band
Star Wars-Throne RoomViking Band
The A-TeamViking Band
Viking Holiday MarchViking Band
Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirates Life For MeViking Band
Legend Cadence Viking Band Drumline

Recording Projects

Students may be given the homework assignment of recording their music.  This is usually done in preparation for a specific performance such as a judged Ratings Festival or Parade Competition.  This prevents the band from sitting around in class while students are tested individually.  Another advantage of recording is that students may take as much time and do as many takes as necessary to get the best recording (and therefore the best grade).

Students may record on CD, tape or any type of media that can be handed in (in recent years, students have turned in mp3 files on flash drives or memory cards or have even recorded using a video or webcam). Students who have a PC can easily use the built in Windows Sound Recorder or download a free program called Audacity (a bit more complicated but allows for easy editing). MAC users can use GarageBand.

For students who do not have easy access to recording equipment, we have a tape recorder available in the band room that they may make arrangements to use.

Alternately, they make arrangements to perform their music live in a one-on-one test. 

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