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Hello - Welcome to 6th Grade at RMS!

Room #13

Math & Science

Period Monday - Friday
 A  Careers 6
1 Math 6A
2  Science 6
3 Math 6A
4 Science 6



My Favorite Things

    My Favorite Things    


GIRAFFE - Giraffa camelopordalis

SIZE: Height to top of head (m) 5 m, (f) 4,5 m; mass (m) 1 200 kg, (f) 800 kg.
COLOUR: Well-defined, irregularly shaped patches varying from fawn to dark brown, patterned on a paler background that shades to white on the lower legs. Colouring darkens with age; varies widely geographically.
SPEED: 50 km/hr
GESTATION PERIOD: 14 -15 months
MOST LIKE: Unlike any other animal.
HABITAT: From sparsely wooded scrubland to thickly over-grown bush country, especially where there are acacia and other thorn trees to provide the giraffe's staple diet of leaves, and to provide camouflage.



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