Computer Lab Schedule

Computer Lab Schedule 2020-21



Madroña's Computer Lab


The computer program at Madrona is supported by the PTA, and has been taught by Mrs. Glenn for the past 13 years.  The 1st - 3rd grades have directed sessions once a week and the 4th and 5th grade students twice a week where they work on various programs and projects using their Google accounts, MS Office, internet for research, typing software, introductory coding, and other web-based programs. Students are exposed to and practice numerous computer skills using a variety of interactive and educational programs with Mrs. Glenn, and also visit the 2nd computer lab and use Chrome Books with their classroom teachers.  

Information on accessing online resources is available at the following link:

Raz Kids

Raz Kids contains hundreds of books that engage students with animation and sound effects as they listen to fluent reading, record their own reading for practice, and take quizzes on what they read to strengthen comprehension skills.

Type to Learn 4

Type to Learn 4 provides students with the opportunity to practice important keyboarding skills!   The link to download the program is:  Instructions for downloading this program are included in the following attachment: Type to Learn 4 Instructions


California Treasures Reading Program

California Treasures Reading Program is a resource that correlates with the district's adopted Language Arts curriculum.


Please contact Dr. Isaac Huang, Principal, for login/password information