Band Assignments

Los Cerritos Band

Leadership Points:

Report card grades are to be determined by the accumulation of leadership points awarded for student accomplishments and tasks.  Materials, practice, knowledge and playing test points are “core” points.  2500 “core” points are required for a 100%/A+.

- 10 leadership points for a Materials check – Reminder Binder/Agenda Book, Instrument, Reeds/Sticks/Mallets, Music and pencil.  There will be 20 random materials checks per trimester.  All band events should be entered into agenda books.

Clarinet and Saxophone players should have good reeds for rehearsal in their case at all times.  Rico orange box, or Rico Royal for beginning to intermediate students and Vandoren for advanced students.  Reeds should be labeled for each day of the week and only used on those days. 

Brass players should have their own valve oil and slide lubricant.

Percussionists should have a stick bag with share drum sticks, hard plastic mallets, medium rubber mallets, yarn mallets and tympani mallets.  The Vic Firth Educational Pack has all of these and can be ordered from Amazon.  It is important to have a bell kit at home for practicing.  These can be rented from Nick Rail Music, Musician's Depot and Cyndi Hall's Music Studio.

- 30 leadership points for each practice session at home – Students are required to practice a minimum of 5 times per week for 100 minutes total.  Practice times should be entered into agenda books.  Parent signature is required for practice time to count.

- 20 leadership points for each weekly playing test performed correctly.  Playing tests will be assigned   from the class method book, or concert music.

- 20 leadership points for each knowledge quiz given in class.

- 10 leadership points for each of 12 major scale tests performed from memory correctly.

Extra effort points:

Students are allowed to use up to 500 “extra effort points” toward their grade.  Extra effort points will also apply to special prizes, awards and privileges.

- 15 extra effort points for cleaning trash, dusting surfaces, putting away chairs and stands and organizing rooms.

- 50 extra effort points for creative projects such as compositions, composer research projects, music lesson posters, or 2 minute recording projects.

- 50 extra effort points for helping a friend learn a new skill on their instrument, or gain new musical knowledge.

- 100 extra effort points for attending a concert such as TOHS/WHS Band, Gold Coast Wind Ensemble, New West Symphony, LA Philharmonic, Music events at Cal Lutheran and CSUN, etc.

- 200 extra effort points for auditioning for honor band, or participating in Solo and Ensemble festival.

Extra Effort Rewards:

- 100 extra effort points gets a front of the line pass.

- 300 extra effort points gets a gift card for something cool.

- 800 extra effort points are eligible for special events, parties, etc.

Latest News

Order your instrumental music yearbook through the link below.  Books will be formatted and shipped in late May/early June.

Yearbook Link

Band Events Calendar 2022 - 2023

New events will be added along the way, please check back often!






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Support Los Cerritos Middle School Instrumental Music Booster Club

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Instrumental Music Boosters

Instrumental Music Boosters

Our boosters are a wonderful group of people who devote a considerable amount of their time to help raise funds for our program and organize events.  They are always looking for parents who want to help with bake sales, concert set-up, student management, event planning, chaperoning, etc.  Please send an email to if you want to help as a booster.

LCMS Chamber Orchestra

LCMS Chamber Orchestra

The LCMS Chamber Orchestra was the featured performer of the California PTSA State Convention opening ceremonies.  Mrs. Blake and our Chamber Orchestra members gave a stellar performance in front of an audience of 1500 people and were rewarded with a standing ovation.

There are two orchestra classes at LCMS.  Beginning String Orchestra and Advanced String Orchestra.  Beginning String Orchestra is open to anyone.  Advanced and Chamber Orchestra are selected by audition.  If you have any questions about our orchestra program, contact Mrs. Blake.

LCMS Band Program

LCMS Band Program

The LCMS band program includes 169 students and 5 classes.  Beginning Band is open to anyone who wants to learn to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument.  Intermediate Band is for developing musicians.  Advanced Band is by selection only for accomplished musicians.  East Coast Jazz Band  is open to anyone who can play an instrument.  West Coast Jazz Band  is by selection only for accomplished musicians on sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass and drums. 

 If you have questions about the LCMS band program, contact Mr. Freed.


Musical Progress?

How can I help my child make musical progress?

1.  Get them private lessons!  A weekly 30 minute lesson with a teacher is crucial to getting past the initial difficulties playing their instrument and accelerate learning.  The faster students improve, the longer they will stick with it.

2.  Make it clear to them that you think this is very important to you and you expect them to stick with it.  Many students who are given the choice of quitting will, in fact, quit and miss out on the incredible opportunities ahead of them.  Students should learn to finish what they start.  Band is a great way to do that.

Practice Incentives:

Here are some ideas for motivating students to practice at home.

Establish a regular, weekly practice schedule
Find You Tube videos to learn from and play along with
Expected as part of homework/Allowance
Earn dinner at a nice restaurant
Video Game Time
Earn iTunes $
Earn family night TV
Private lessons
Earn a sleepover with friends

Private Teachers:  For a more extensive list, go to, or


CeCe Worrall-rubin – Westlake Village - First lesson is $10 off for Los Cerritos Students.

Ann Erwin – 805.494.6863/T.O.

Mary Predmore – 805.501.0497/Simi Valley

Julie Burkert – 818.934.3442/

Caitlin Boruch - 310.866.0586/


Kim Gilad - 310.600.8438


Cavit Celayir-Monezis - 805.341.0937


Nancy Bonds – 805.492.1458/T.O.

CeCe Worrall Rubin – Village

Pat Tudor – 818.880.9271/T.O.

Audra Camacho – 805.795.4283/T.O.

David Singer – 805.910.6314/Camarillo

Saxophone (All types)

CeCe Worrall  Rubin – Village

Brian Scanlon – 805.907.6742/T.O.

Pat Tudor – 818.880.9271


Jonathan Dane – 805.637.5914/Moorpark

Mike Fortunato – 805.816.1447

Bill Barrett – 805.375.7275/T.O.

Jon Hoehne - 626.345.4352/T.O.

French Horn

Louise MacGillavry - 661.253.2805


Ira Nepus – 805.376.0289

Les Benedict - 818.262.1010/Woodland Hills.  


Mike Freed -


Joe Martone – 805.341.7948/T.O.

Ed Smith – 818.667.1190/Westlake Village