Ladera STARS Academy [Science, Technology, Arts, Rigorous Scholarship]


What motivates students to learn and succeed? This was the driving question behind the development of STARS Academy and our resulting decisions about instruction. Our vision is to build on the natural curiosity and creativity of children in order to motivate and engage them as scholars. 

There are many articles available about student motivation and every one of them includes variations of the following ideas. These same ideas are at the core of STARS Academy's mission.

 Motivating learning experiences:
* Are active, collaborative and promote learning relationships
* Are authentic and relevant to students' lives
* Challenge students to question, reflect, evaluate and make connections between ideas
* Allow students choices about their learning and how they express their knowledge

As you read about many of the engaging features encapsulated in the STARS program, know also that we are committed to making the most of every individual student's learning experiences, every day! Join our journey to the STARS.

Mrs. Wall


Vision Statement:

Students inspired to reach for the STARS through explorations in Science, Technology, Arts and Rigorous Scholarship.


Mission Statement:

Ladera’s STARS Academy is dedicated to providing students with innovative, engaging academic experiences featuring STEAM elements (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math).  We promote a community of cooperation and compassion that values every student and encourages students to take academic risks. Students grow as confident scholars through rigorous integrated curriculum that builds on their natural curiosity and creativity. The Next Generation Science Standards and themes drive the authentic, collaborative practices that create problem solvers and motivate students.  We believe in every student’s ability to succeed and are committed to making STARS Academy a challenging and inspiring place for student learning -- every day!

Project Based Learning:

Our students engage in a process of inquiry to answer relevant complex questions, problems and challenges.  Through “voice and choice” students plan, design and create rigorous projects to demonstrate their understanding of academic standards.  Students own their learning through a process that includes discovery, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity and innovation.


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