Outreach Parent Support


Carmen Escalante: Outreach Assistants                                                                                                                                                                                             Email: CEscalante@conejousd.org    805-495-2118 Ext 104                                                                             

The best part of my job is: Helping parents and students.                               

Main Goal this YEAR: For all of them to get to know me.


Glenwood Elementary


What will I do to achieve it:

  • Welcome them to the school and introduce myself. 
  •  Adding them to my WhatsApp account

What support do I need to achieve it?

  •  Having the teachers introduce us with the parents that need help.
  •  I need to start every year with the kinder families so, they can get to know me, seen the begging of their school year.  They can feel the support and fell welcome.



My vision for our group of Outreach Assistants

is for all the outreach to support each other and to share ideas.  What is right and what did not work.  Because we are a group of talented women that have a lot to offer. We are here for a reason and that is to help everyone.  For you to be able to be in this position is because we are caring individuals and we have a lot of love to share always doing the best. 

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