English Language Advisory Council (ELAC)

The English Language Advisory Council (ELAC) is designed for the parents of English Language Learners. The purpose of the committee is to provide excellent opportunities for parents of second language learners to have a voice and give input regarding curriculum, instructional practices, as well as school environment and safety. Meetings are offered in both Spanish and English.

If you have questions about ELAC please contact Community Outreach Specialist: Carmen Escalante(805) 495-2118  x104


ELAC Committee Members

Vivian Vina-Hunt - Principal 

Sandra Hernandez - ELD Facilitator

Carmen Escalante - Parent Outreach

President for Glenwood ELAC: Maria Garcia

Angelica Puc Tun - Parent Rep.

ELAC meeting February 3 @ 5:00pm / Junta de ELAC el 3 de febrero a las 5:00pm