Welcome to our Computer Center

Our TK and Kindergarten students start practicing hand-eye coordination right away. They are shown how to interact with the screen by using the mouse and keyboard. We play games that reinforce what has been introduced in the classroom.

First Graders thru Third Graders hone their coordination skills. We use the “Type to Learn "  program to teach and stress the importance of learning how to type properly. Students will become familiar with using a word processing program. We also use "Moby Max, and "Scholastic Reading" to assess and provide practice with reading and math skills. Special projects are assigned according to grade level.

Fourth and Fifth Graders use “Type to Learn”. Typing projects are assigned to reinforce students’ new found skills. We also “Surf the Net for Knowledge” with projects assigned throughout the year. Students will learn and complete projects using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel. Projects are assigned according to classroom subject matter. Students continue to use "Moby Max" and "Scholastic Reading". Many of the learning programs are presented in a fun, game-type manner which helps keep the children engaged in the activity while practicing old skills and learning new skills.

Sandy Chagi
Computer Specialist