General Information

     The goal of the EARTHS Running Club is to promote a healthy lifestyle of
     exercising through running, jogging or walking.  We will meet every Tuesday
     and Thursday mornings at 7:45 AM throughout the school year and tally the
     laps as the Geckos try and make it to places far and beyond.  Our stretch
     goal is to make it all the way around the country.


Raining Day Rule:  If it is raining, Running Club will be cancelled.  Please do NOT drop off your children for Running Club unless the gate is open and the Running Club Coordinators have set up the check-in table.

The twice-a-week club was founded in 2010 by former EARTHS parent Wendy Fachini in honor of EARTHS teacher Rose McManama. 

2016 - 2017 Running Club is operated by parent volunteers Carl Kolvenbach and Paul Kostenuik.