Volunteers Needed!

Enrollment at EARThS requires active parent participation. Each Gecko family must volunteer a minimum of three hours per month per family in some way. Volunteerism can occur in the classroom, through our EARThS PTA, helping staff or PTA from home, or being involved in any other approved EARThS activity. There are countless opportunities to volunteer on weekdays, in the evenings, and even on many weekends throughout the school year. 

Please go to our General Information Page for details, including TB Testing Requirements for Volunteering. Please remember along with the submission of your volunteer forms, you will need to provide a copy of your Driver's License.

Mandatory protocols are now in place across our entire school district for the safety and protection of our students. Parents who work directly with students in the classroom for less than 10 hours per month must turn in a copy of their driver's license or other State ID and the following three forms to the Front Office (click on each to access the form):

  1. CVUSD Volunteer Requirement Information (Guia de requisitos para voluntarios del distrito)
  2. Volunteer Code of Conduct (Codigo de conducta para vountarios)
  3. Volunteer Registration Authorization Form (Solicitud para la autorizacion de servicio voluntario)
  4. Adult Tuberculosis (TB) Letter & Risk Assessment Questionaire (Cuestionario de evaluacion de riesgo y carta de tuberculosis para adultos)
  5. Personal Vehicle Use Registration Form (Forme de registro de uso de vehiculos personales)


If you plan on volunteering in the classroom for 10 hours per month or more, Live Scan fingerprinting is also required with a specific form. Please see the Front Office for the Live Scan Form.