The Environmental Academy for Research Technology of EARTH Sciences (EARThS) is dedicated to helping students acquire the tools of inquiry and expression by delving deeply into subjects with a cross-curricular approach, using earth sciences and technology as a unifying theme for exploration.

Volunteering Information for Parents

We are now able to have assigned Volunteers on Campus!
We are pleased to now be able to welcome volunteers in person who have been assigned to help by their child’s teacher. To be cleared for volunteering whether it’s at school or on a field trip, the following must be submitted to the Front Office (clickable links) in advance:
4a. Copy of COVID Vaccination Card or…
4b. Copy of a negative COVID test result within ONE WEEK of volunteer date (must be a PCR, Rapid, or Antigens test – CANNOT be a home test)
Please know all volunteers are expected to perform a COVID self-screening before coming to school and must wear a mask properly indoors at all times.
We can’t wait to have you join us on campus. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!