My name is Jeff Rickert and I’m very excited to be the Principal of EARTHS Magnet School!


EARTHS partners with Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology to train

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  • ----- EARTHS EDUCATORS -----
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    Kindergarten Team
    K Kaitlyn Drake  Rm K1
    Julie Escudero  Rm K2
    Lisa Landry  Rm 7
    Nancy Harvey  Rm 6
    First Grade Team
    1  Marcie Lynn  Rm 1
    Sue Lewis  Rm 3
    Erica Barrett  Rm 4
      Miss Winikoff  Rm 2
    Second Grade Team
    2  Laura Nedwick  Rm 7
    Laura Péwé  Rm 8
    Tish Pletcher  Rm 10
    Stephanie Zatlin  Rm 11
    Third Grade Team
    3  Rachel Braddell  Rm 13
    Lisa Hutson  Rm 14
    Krista Gonzales  Rm 15
    Moira Sauve  Rm 16
    Fourth Grade Team
    4  Makenna Murray  Rm 18
    Kathryn Peoples  Rm 23
      Anita Contini  Rm 22
    Fifth Grade Team
    5  Stacey Petersen  Rm 21
    Elyse Huff  Rm 20
      Jessica Franzen  Rm 19
    Other Classes
      Special Education  Suzie St.
      Speech Cara Kratt