High School Planning

Graduation Requirements

In order for students to graduate from high school, they must fulfill certain requirements. There are specific courses that students must pass. In addition, they must earn at least 230 credits. In addition, students must pass Algebra 1, as well as the California High School Exit Exam.

Technical/Career Preparatory Courses

Career preparatory courses are available to juniors and seniors. Most courses are offered in Camarillo. Free bus transportation is available. Students earn 15 credits per semester and 30 credits for the year in these courses. 

Work Permits and Work Experience

Once students have been hired, they may pick up the application for their work permit in the office. The student, parent, and employer will need to fill out the form completely. When the form is complete, students will return the application form to the office. The work permit will be available for pickup with 24 hours. The Work Experience class is avaiable to juniors and seniors who have a job. If students are working 10 hours a week, they will earn 5 credits per semester. If they are working 20 hours a week, they will earn 10 credits per semester.

Failed Classes & Credit Recovery

Students who have failed a required class, will need to make it up and earn a passing grade of at least a D in order to graduate. Students must pass each semester. A passing grade in the second semester does not validate a failing grade from the first semester. Students who have failed an elective are not required to make up the course. However, they will not earn credits toward the 230 credits necessary to graduate. They will need to recovere the credits lost by taking the class over or through other course work. Students who have failed classes should meet with the counselor to discuss how to recover the lost credits and get back on track to graduate.

California High School Proficiency Exam

Students who are considering dropping out of high school may want to consider the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE). The CHSPE is a voluntary test that assesses proficiency in basic reading, writing, and math skills. Students must be at least 16 years old and in at least their second semester of 10th grade. Students who pass the CHSPE are awarded a Certifcate of Proficiency. Students who receive a Certificate of Proficiency, may with parental approval, leave high school early. The Certificate of Proficiency is not equivalent to completing all course work required for regular graduation from high school. Follow this link, for more information on the California High School Proficiency Exam.


GPA is calculated as follows: A=4.0 B=3.0 C=2.0 D=1.0