Counselor's Corner

Our School participates in the CVUSD Elementary Counseling Program, Kelso's Choices. This program is designed to empower young people with the ability to determine their own behavior, encouraging an internal locus of control and appropriate problem ownership. Statements such as 'He made me do it!" and "She did it first!" become obsolete as children become accountable for their own choices. Elementary counselors strive to teach children to become their own problem solvers at an early age. We believe this will empower them to overcome any adversities that come their way as an adult.

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Counselor Newsletter June 2020 - English
Counselor Newsletter June 2020 - Spanish
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Recycling Program

Our school participated in a School Waste Audit on Wednesday, October 24th. Read more about what they found in the CVUSD School waste audit by clicking the link to the right. Click here to watch the video.

Recycle your CRV items and our Conejo PFA earns $.05 - $.10 each. Deposit your recyclables in the Blue Bins in front of Room 13. For more information or to help with our CRV Recycling Programs, please contact Mrs. Shayer.

Our Teachers are setting aside recyclables that can be used in eco-art for our new CReATE on your Campus Program. Students use these items for creative exploration to make their own eco art.

After School Enrichment (Band, Chorus, STAR childcare)

Here are after school activities for students at Conejo Elementary School.


Our Conejo Band is lead by a Band Teacher for our 4/5 graders. Band is offered 2 semesters each year, in Fall and Spring. Band is a fee based class and scholarships are available. 

Conejo Chorus 2019 Fall Flyer
Conejo Chorus 2019 Fall Flyer in Spanish

The STAR Afterschool Program is a FREE afterschool program for students in Kindergarten thru 5th grade. Students must attend each day afterschool from dismissal until 6pm. Space is limited.