How to get a second set of textbooks or textbooks in the summer

If you want a second set of textbooks or textbooks over the summer, you will need to connect with used book vendors online, rather than getting them through Colina. It is an easy process and the books are delivered right to your door! To get textbooks, please follow these steps:

1. Go back to About the School (above), the Library link, and select Textbook Prices
2. Find the book title, ISBN number, and year of publication
3. Google the ISBN number
4. Links of vendors that have the book for sale will show (examples are,, etc.).
5. Comparison shop to get the best price and condition. Before buying, make sure that you have the right publication year and the California edition

Textbook prices on the Colina site are for replacements, not purchases. Prices for textbooks for home use vary by vendor.