Academic Support

All teachers are available by email,  on-campus appointments, and tutoring days to help with your questions. 

Mrs. Alexander

Ms. Belanger

Mr. Gunn

Mrs. Herrera

Mr. Jekogian

Mrs. Kay

Mr. Kroeger

Mr. Kunes

Mrs. Mehrabi

Mr. Ryan

Mrs. Salisbury

Computer Lab & Test Guidelines

  • The Computer Lab is open from 9-3 Monday - Friday.
  • Students must sign in and out of the lab each time they enter and leave the lab.
  • Students must complete computer scored tests (CST) amd teacher scored test (TST) in one sitting.
  • Students must sit in one of the back two rows when taking a computer scored test or a teacher scored test.
  • No electronic devices are permitted during tests; use of any electronic device during tests will result in a zero.
  • Only one test per student will be unlocked at a time, when taking the computer scored test (CST) and the scored test (TST) each test will be opened separately.  For example, when the CST is complete request that the TST be opened.
  • Teachers will not issue a test ticket after 2:00. It is also recommended that math tests are started before 1:00.
  • If a student leaves the computer lab with a test, a grade of zero will be assigned.