School Site Council Members

 The following parents, teachers, and classified staff and prinicpal are this year's SSC representatives. If you have questions, or comments, or concerns you'd like to share about Banyan, you can email any representative:

  • Allison Kennedy, Principal                
  • Jennifer Fisher, Teacher Rep.          
  • Melissa Ajzmundt, Teacher Rep.     
  • Becky Herbert, Teacher Rep.            
  • Christine Okun Classified Rep        
  • Jamila Gunn, Parent Rep.               
  • Erin Botsford, PTA rep                     
  • Lisa Soury, Parent Rep.                   
  • Mandy Reynolds, Parent Rep                    

Banyan Elementary

1120 Knollwood Drive
Newbury Park, CA 91320

PH: (805) 498-6641
FAX: (805) 375-6626