With a focus on the individual student, we aim to challenge and enrich every child's education by facilitating both academic and affective learning opportunities to build a foundation for critical thinking, achievement, innovation and success. Through the 3 E's of Enjoyment, Enthusiasm, and Engagement all students can learn at high levels.

Our Focus

  • Enrichment for all students through high levels of engagement.
  • Enjoyable & challenging learning experiences constructed from students' interests, passions, learning styles and preferred modes of expression.

Our Philosophy

Acacia's Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) engages all students in memorable activities to enhance the existing curriculum.

SEM is based on a model for gifted education developed by Dr. Joseph Renzulli and Dr. Sally Reis at the University of Connecticut.

Through SEM we provide enriched learning experiences and deeper learning opportunities for all children via three goals:

1. Develop talents in all children

2. Provide a broad range of advanced-level enrichment experiences

3. Provide advanced follow-up opportunities for children based on their strengths &interests

Enrichment Clusters

We run 3 rounds of enrichment clusters each year. These are far more than electives or mini-courses but rather small groups of like-minded students with a facilitator who pursue a shared interest on Friday mornings.

Enrichment Clusters strive for 5 key components:

1) Advanced Content

2) Authentic Methods

3) Creation of a Product or Service

4) Authentic Audience

5) Student Driven

It is these components that make an enrichment cluster very different from a traditional elective or project. Clusters are designed to be authentic and promote thinking like a practicing professional to have an impact in the community – beyond learning for the sake of learning.



Our Enrichment Model in Action

All of our teachers are trained in gifted education!

Acacia Homework Philosophy

As part of SEM, Acacia has a unique and student-centered Homework PhilosophyOur students read, pursue their interests and passions, and work toward personal learning goals.