Classroom Wishlist

Clorox Wipes


Copy paper

Teacher Info

Mrs. Katie Nystrom

Room 21

(805) 495-5550 x 221

Enjoys traveling, reading, jigsaw puzzles, and watching my children (and the Kings) play hockey!




Ms. Kaybree Crouch

Room 25

(805) 495-5550 x 225


5th Grade - the SEM Way

English Language-Arts

Combination of novels and non-fiction texts

Focus on writing for authentic audiences

Problem solving projects as identified by the learner

Create videos or ads for researched information to be shared across grade levels



Opportunity to compact into project-based learning type activities to help solve problems in real world situations



Monthly at-home STEM challenge

Collaborative work

Guest speakers

Monthly thematic STEM classroom challenges


Social Studies

Encourage research from different points of view regarding the Revolutionary War

Presenting areas of research kids complete beyond the classroom in any form they choose...Plays, songs, written work, use of various forms of technology- the possibilities are endless!

Enrichment & Homework Ideas

*Homework is flexible and based on student created goals~ do as needed for success!

*Passion Pursuits ~ pursue passions both academic and personal

*We encourage research on topics introduced in class that spark interest in our students

*GOMATH Enrichment and Reteach for those who need it

*Personal and academic learning goals set each month

* 30 minutes of reading every night



Ronald Reagan Library

Stand Proud

Dr. Matthew (guest speaker)

We the People

Excel: (Upper) Passion pursuit fair and community service projects (Lupus, CHLA, homeless shelter,  St Jude’s, Conejo Community Outreach, Trick-or-Treat-Street)