Classroom Wishlist


Paper towels

Cleaning wipes

Whiteboard markers

Copy paper

Glue sticks

Meet the Teachers

Mr. Brandon Fausset

Room 13

(805) 495-5550 x 213

In my free time, I surf and snowboard.  I love to learn new things!

Mrs. Kelly MacDonald

Room 18

(805) 495-5550 x 218



Mrs. Nicole Vargas

Room 14

(805) 495-5550 x 214

In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and exploring interesting places with my family!

3rd Grade - the SEM Way

English-Language Arts

- Hyperdocs that allow building of background knowledge and exploration of related topics for further investigation

- Making connections from stories to real-world events and application

- Use of Mentor Sentences to improve writing by learning from master authors



- Compacting for students who have mastered concepts quickly

- Survey project where students apply classroom lessons to real-life situations

- Small groups base


- STEM challenges

- Hands-on investigations

- Open-ended inquiry based on NGSS standards;

- Use of Question Formulation Technique (QFT) to guide research


Social Studies

- Application of concepts through hands-on Island Design Project

- Experience life as a native Chumash; Guest Speakers from Stagecoach Inn

- Class elections and mock local government experience; Guest Speaker from City Council

Enrichment & Homework Ideas

Read 20 minutes minimum each night

Pursue self-selected academic goals created with teacher input and guidance

Work toward personal goals

Research and create projects on areas of interest

Passion Pursuit Ideas

Beyond the Book

Field Trips, Speakers, & Project Highlights

- Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

- Chumash Lab and Life Cycle Exploration

-New West Symphony

-Petty Ranch, Somis

- Heritage Project

- Author visit and writing/publishing class or individual novel

- EXCEL: Community Service (CRPD, Conejo Community Outreach, Action); Passion Pursuits Fair projects