Meet the Teachers

Mrs. Karen Barker

Room 11

(805) 495-5550 x 211

I am passionate about scrap booking, spending time with my family, and going to concerts.  

Ms. Lisa Collins

Room 17

(805) 495-5550 x 217

In my free time I love cooking and baking, traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with my kids.


Mrs. Patricia Hoxworth

Room 14

(805) 495-5550 x 214

My passions are teaching, reading, cooking, traveling, and spending time with my kids.

Classroom Wishlist

Cleaning Wipes

Paper Towels


White Copy Paper


Glue Sticks

2nd Grade - The SEM Way

English Language Arts

- “Daily Five” Approach - Fostering  Literacy Independence and Achievement in reading and writing through Differentiated Learning

- Opportunity to use iPads to investigate and research literature themes, authors, as well as create presentations of written work


- Small, flexible group instruction based on interests

- Student-designed projects integrated with Language Arts

- iPads used as a tool to practice skills and integrate learning in real-world applications




- NGSS investigations and experiments documented in Science Notebooks

- STEM challenges

- Living Science Classroom Museum with hands-on plant and animal investigations and inventions

Social Studies

- Thematic units of investigation Integrated with Language Arts

- Cultural Studies

- Classroom Community Team Building Challenges


Enrichment & Homework Ideas

Read 20 minutes each night

Work toward your designed learning goal and track your progress each month

Pursue your personal passions

Create a way to share your learning with others: poster, writing, use technology, build... use your creativity and talents to teach the class!

Monthly Enrichment Projects

Field Trips, Speakers, & Project Highlights

4-H Hansen Farms Agricultural Center

Nature Study Field Trip

Garden Show Performance

Story Publishing/ Author Speaker

Geologist Guest Speaker