Rights & Responsibilities Handbook

Discipline Policy and Procedures and Annual Notification of Rights and Responsibilities (recently updated) for Parents, Students and Staff

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Parent Participation

Parent participation has been a major priority of the Board of Education. Each school's Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) contains specific parent participation components and activities. Parent participation is encouraged through many formal and informal organizations and activities. The major advisory councils to support parent participation are described below.


Master Schedule of all Advisory Council Meetings

School Site Council (SSC)
Every elementary, middle, high, and adult school has a School Site Council. SSCs are comprised of parents, teachers, principals, and others. Parents comprise 50% of every elementary SSC, and 25% of every secondary SSC. The SSC measures the effectiveness of current improvement strategies at their school and evaluates the school's effectiveness in meeting the needs of students. Visit your school office for further information.

African-American District Advisory Council (AADAC)
Interested parents may email Dr. Dwight Rogers or visit the AADAC webpage for additional information.

District Advisory Council (DAC)
DAC advises the Board of Education on matters related to educational programs, policies, and procedures, and considers action as requested. Each School Site Council selects a representative to serve on DAC. Visit the DAC webpage for additional information.

District English Learners Advisory Council (DELAC)
Interested parents may email Dr. Ricardo Araiza or visit the DELAC webpage for additional information.

Gifted and Talented Education District Advisory Council (GATE-DAC)
Interested parents may email Shauna Ashmore or visit the GATE DAC webpage for additional information.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning and Others Advisory Council (LGBTQ+ AC)
Interested parents may email Shauna Ashmore or visit the LGBTQ+ AC webpage for additional information.

Special Education District Advisory Council (SEDAC)
Visit the Special Education webpage for SEDAC Meeting information

Technology Committee

To view upcoming Advisory Council meeting agendas, please visit the CVUSD BoardDocs page.

AADAC provides a parent and community voice for our African-American and Black families in order to support our students in experiencing maximum levels of success at school, including academically, extra-curricular, social-emotional and wellness.    Our goal is to build a strong partnership between CVUSD staff and families, and to connect our community’s African-American and Black families.  We do this by sharing both successes and areas for improvement as we collectively engage in ongoing discussion and collaboration.  Part of AADAC’s role is to advise the District Advisory Council, school administrators, site staff, and the Board of Education. AADAC provides a diverse perspective for CVUSD’s  implementation of those policies and procedures.

For additional information, please contact Sonia Wilson, Director of Middle Schools at soniawilson@conejousd.org or 805-497-9511 ext 1221

Conejo Council PTA
The Conejo Council PTA/PTSA has an extremely active organization. PTA/PTSA (Parent Teacher Association / Parent Teacher Student Association) members provide funds and over 100,000 volunteer hours annually to District schools. Contact your school office for further information.

PFAs and Booster Clubs serve a vital function in providing support and supplemental resources for a variety of programs. They provide extensive volunteer hours and funds supporting District students and school programs. Contact your school office for further information.

Booster Club Information

The Conejo Schools Foundation (CSF) is an independent non-profit managed by parents, community leaders and educators dedicated to improving and enriching the educational experience of all students in the District. CSF is dedicated to creating a sustainable funding source for all of our schools' critical needs and to increase the impact of resources for students and teachers through our programs.

Parents may also participate in their child's education by attending school activities such as parent conferences, parent education events, Back-to-School Night, and Open House. Parents of middle school and high school students may obtain information regarding their student via Parent Portal.