Congratulations to CVUSD's 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year: Zachary Snow of Redwood Middle
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Congratulations to CVUSD's 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year: Zachary Snow of Redwood Middle

Zachary Snow is an educator that exhibits passion and energy so effortlessly that it is contagious and inspiring. A veteran of Redwood Middle School’s teaching team - with more than 15 years at the school, he has taught English and Reading and currently teaches Social Studies. Regardless of his subject matter, Mr. Snow has a gift of making connections with honors students as well as with those who struggle academically and socially. We and the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce are proud to recognize Mr. Snow as our CVUSD Teacher of the Year for the 2021-2022 School Year!

Mr. Snow works hard to provide students with high quality instruction and a variety of instructional strategies and technologies to best target the diverse needs of the students. He expertly creates an environment that allows students to freely express their opinions, show their creativity and take risks.

Mr. Snow designs lessons that are student-centered and considers both the individual academic needs, as well as their backgrounds, and presents those lessons in ways that are relevant to them. He uses questioning to encourage students to dive deeper into their beliefs and understandings.

Mr. Snow is a dedicated and innovative educator who goes above and beyond to connect with all students. He is a student cheerleader, gently guiding students to be their own cheerleaders.

He is an integral member of the Vikings team and engages in lively discussions with department members focused on the topic of helping students reach their full potential.

Mr. Snow was previously recognized as the December 2021 Teacher of the Month, which made him eligible for the CVUSD 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year recognition. As the CVUSD Teacher of the Year, this now puts Mr. Snow forward to the Ventura County Office of Education for consideration to be named the Ventura County Teacher of the Year.

Mr. Snow will receive public recognition as the 2021-2022 CVUSD Teacher of the Year, in partnership with the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce, at the Tuesday, May 17 Board of Education meeting.

Congratulations Mr. Snow!!

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