Meet Addie Craig - SDAC Student Board Representative for the 2020-2021 School Year

Meet Addie Craig - SDAC Student Board Representative for the 2020-2021 School Year

Please join us in welcoming Addie Craig to her new role as the Student District Advisory Committee (SDAC) Student Board Representative for the 2020-2021 school year!

Ms. Craig is a Senior at Westlake High School. She is actively involved in the school's Band Program, Lacrosse Team, and Science Olympiad Team. She also volunteers as a math tutor at Westlake High School's Math Center. 

"As student Board rep, I am most excited about connecting with the Conejo Valley community and CVUSD students across all school sites," Ms. Craig said. "Ever since my introduction into this role, collaborating with other students has been the highlight and I look forward to the official start of school to hear more student opinions regarding the status of remote learning."

This summer she served as Westlake High School's Delegate for the American Legion Auxiliary California Girl State, a convention where a student is selected from each high school in California to meet other girls across the state to learn about California's government, discuss current events and more. 

Ms. Craig will serve as CVUSD's student board member representative for what is the second year of the District's SDAC, which launched last school year.

"I am excited to continue working with district staff and fellow board members throughout the school year, seeing as they have been so supportive and considerate of the student voice over summer," said Ms. Craig.

The Student District Advisory Committee (SDAC) is made up of approximately 5-6 students from each high school site. The Student DAC representatives meet every other month with CVUSD Assistant Superintendents and Directors to discuss policies, events and important topics concerning the district. More about the mission/purpose of SDAC and additional information about SDAC members for this school year is available on the dedicated SDAC website here

"After the first SDAC meeting [of the 2020-2021 school year] on Monday, I have high hopes for the Committee," said Ms. Craig. "Each representative was very engaged and eager to provide student input regarding the reopen and redesign process of school. As for student engagement across the entire district, I hope that students are willing to reach out to SDAC via social media and email since we cannot directly contact our peers due to the virus." 

Connect with SDAC via instagram  - here.

"One of SDAC's primary goals this year is equity and accurately representing CVUSD students from all backgrounds and in all situations, so we truly want to hear everyone's perspective in order to provide quality education to every student."

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