Interdistrict Transfer - Families Living Outside of District

Families who reside outside of CVUSD boundaries and wish for their student(s) to attend a CVUSD school will need to complete an Interdistrict Transfer Agreement form below. This form must first be submitted to your district of residence for approval, and then to CVUSD in order to enroll in a CVUSD school.

Acceptable reasons for Interdistrict Transfer include: “Child Care”, “Parent Employment”, “Sibling”, “Health & Safety”, “Specialized Program”, “Continuing Enrollment”, “Complete Final Year at Current School”, “Proposed Change in Residence” and “Other”.

If you reside within the boundaries of the Oak Park Unified School District please contact their District office directly for the appropriate form.

If you reside within the Los Angeles Unified School District boundaries, please find the following interdistrict transfer agreement forms:


OUTGOING Information Packet

Click here for Office of Permits & Student Transfers information page

Interdistrict applications for the current school year can be submitted any time based on available space. Priority deadline for the next school year is from November 1st to January 31st

Questions? Please contact or (805) 497-9511 Ext. 1230