Our Services

Students referred to the BreakThrough Student Assistance Program will participate in a 90-minute structured Family Conference using the Brief Risk Reduction Interview and Intervention Model (BRRIIM). BRRIIM is an indicated prevention strategy that is used to assess strengths, risks and needs. The Family Conference will:

  • Identify family strengths and how to utilize them
  • Explore the student's academic and career goals as well as social and emotional needs
  • Identify student/family concerns
  • Create a plan of action to foster success for all family members
  • Refer student and family to appropriate community resources
  • Provide ongoing support as needed

A Family Plan is created from the information collected at the Family Conference. It is developed collaboratively by the counselor, student and parents/guardians. This plan includes student responsibilities, parent/guardian responsibilities, staff responsibilities, and staff recommendations.

Our Staff

Our trained staff takes time to listen carefully to learn about the student's and family's concerns and determine their strengths. Staff is then able to provide students with links to resources at their schools and in their community.

Rebecca (Stelmar) Cook
(805) 241-0259 ext 2311
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Brenda Rachels
(805) 241-0259 ext 2312
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Gloria Alamir
Secretary, BreakThrough Program and Mental Health Services
(805) 241-0259 ext 2310
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