Contact Information

Kenneth Loo
Director, Middle School Education & Professional Learning
(805) 497-9511 x4221

Gina Mandell 
Induction Program Coordinator/Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x1223  

Kari Ballard
Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x1224  

Linda Blanco Goodcase
Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x1225   

Martha Alvidrez
Senior Clerk
(805) 497-9511 x1222    


Participating Teacher Feedback

Induction Participants responded to: 

When I started Induction, I wish I would have known...

"That Induction is not a chore to be done but is tied to my instruction and it helps me move forward as a teacher."

"That the process is not as daunting as it sounds. You are supported throughout the entire process.."

"How awesome the program is and how HELPFUL our Support Providers are. They are AMAZING!" 

"Induction is as valuable or as invaluable as you make it."

"I wish I would have known how much support there would be throughout the process and how much it would benefit my teaching!"

"That the program would offer me such a strong support system, created by both our mentors and fellow newbie teachers."

"That Induction would be one of the highlights of my first year and to not worry or stress about it in the beginning."


Who We Are

Induction Team: Gina Mandell (Program Coordinator/Mentor), Kari Ballard (Mentor), Linda Blanco Goodcase (Mentor), Martha Alvidrez, Office Assistant

New Teacher Induction Mission Statement

The mission of the Conejo Valley Unified School District New Teacher Induction Program is to provide Participating Teachers with trustworthy mentors who are active listeners with the instructional expertise necessary to guide and support teachers in their journey to becoming confident and reflective educators, who provide an environment where all students have the opportunity to learn.

CVUSD New Teacher Induction Program.

  • Standards/CSTP-based
  • Differentiated feedback and support for beginning teachers
  • Implement and improve instructional practices
  • One-on-one mentoring with a Support Provider
  • Professional Growth
  • Earn your Clear Credential
  • Earn up to 3 units a year through a partnership with (CLU)

Gina Mandell: Program Coordinator/Support Provider  Link to Resume

Induction Brochure

Class of 2020-2021

Welcome to our newest educators in the Conejo Valley. We look forward to developing best practices and building teacher capacity!