Contact Information

Dr. Sonia Wilson
Director, Middle School Education 
(805) 497-9511 x1221

Gina Mandell 
Induction Program Coordinator/Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x4224  

Kari Ballard
Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x4223  

Linda Blanco Goodcase
Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x4225   

Ann-Marie Matter
Mentor Teacher
(805) 497-9511 x4229

Martha Alvidrez
Senior Office Assistant
(805) 497-9511 x4222    


Participating Teacher Feedback

Induction Participants shared their experiences with the CVUSD  Induction Program:

“I loved induction! Thank you for making it so meaningful and not just adding more to our plate at the beginning of teaching. I am going to miss the weekly meetings and the structure of reflections on my teaching, but I will continue to make goals and reflect on those goals just as I have learned through Induction. Thank you for your hard work in making this an amazing and beneficial experience for all of us!”

“CVUSD's induction program is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate meeting with a mentor that is someone outside of my site, and someone that can offer me tremendous help.”

“She has been a huge help for me when reflecting on my teaching practices as a second-year teacher. I look forward to working with her next year and coming up with more strategies to help my students.”

“I was so pleasantly surprised by the induction program. My mentor was 100% supportive of me and geared all of our meetings to areas where I was seeking support.”

“The induction program has been an important part of the beginning process for me. It gave me insights for a number of things I might not have learned otherwise and was really helpful in getting through what was a pretty challenging year for everyone.”

“This experience helped me build my building blocks for my teaching career. She made me feel comfortable and helped build my confidence. I am very grateful for this experience.”


Who We Are

Gina Mandell (Program Coordinator/Mentor), Kari Ballard (Mentor), Linda Blanco Goodcase (Mentor), Ann-Marie Matter (Mentor), Martha Alvidrez, Office Assistant

New Teacher Induction Mission Statement: The mission of the Conejo Valley Unified School District’s New Teacher Induction Program is to provide Participating Teachers with experienced mentors, trained in coaching techniques, who support teachers on their journey to becoming proficient and reflective educators focused on meeting the needs of all students.

CVUSD New Teacher Induction Program.

  • Standards/CSTP-based
  • Differentiated feedback and support for beginning teachers
  • Implement and improve instructional practices
  • One-on-one mentoring with a mentor/coach
  • Professional Growth
  • Earn your Clear Credential
  • Earn up to 3 units per year through our university partnership 

 For additional information please contact Gina Mandell, M.Ed., Program Coordinator:



Class of 2021-2022

Welcome to our newest educators in the Conejo Valley. We look forward to developing best practices and building teacher capacity!