Mrs. Carolyn Booser

Room #12

3rd Grade


(805) 374-2150 ext. x212

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About Mrs. Booser

I have been teaching in the Conejo School District for the past 24 years. I was born and raised in Southern California and I graduated from Cal State Northridge, with a BA in Liberal Studies and a Masters in Counseling. I have been married for 38 years and have two grown daughters. We have lived in Westlake for the past 25 years, and both of our daughters went to Westlake Elementary!

My mission for my class is to enlighten each and every child with new and exciting ways to learn. I would like to encourage each student to build character, self-confidence, and to find their personal strengths and talents. In doing so, I want to create an environment based on communication between students, parents, and the school community.


***Students please log onto Google Classroom for updated information during this "Homeschool Adventure"

March 9, 2020

Read orally 20 min. daily (parents initial HW folder). Bring back signed forms. Remember to bring TWO snacks and water daily, HW folders and HW assignment spirals.

**Read orally 20 min. per day--parents initial Homework Assignment books

**Practice Mailing address and phone #'s quiz on Fridays

**Practice Math Facts- (+ - x_____s) quiz on Fridays (each student working at own pace)

**Review Daily Oral Language- quiz on Friday

Monday: Math 10.5; write a paragraph about what you read today; study voc. words Soc. St 4.1-4.3;

Tuesday: Math 10.6; Lang.;  **bring library books tomorrow!

Wednesday: Math 10.7; review "Animal Homes" p. 193-quest. #1-3; quiz tomorrow;

Thursday: Math 10.8; Lang.; DLR/mailing address quiz tomorrow

Friday:  Have a great weekend!



Daily Class Schedule

Class Schedule:  Specialists start week of Sept. 16; Magic and E-block start week of Sept. 22

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:25                                                                                 LANG. ARTS 
10:10                                                                                   RECESS                                                                             
10:30 MATH MAGIC                              MAGIC MAGIC                  MATH
11:00                                                                               Math/Lang. Arts
11:45   PE PE                               MUSIC  LIBRARY                  TECH 
1:00 SOC.SCI                                PE                        SOC.SCI
1:30                                                                                  RECESS                                                                              
1:50 SOC. SCI.                                    EBLOCK/GOALTIME/GENIUS HOUR FRIDAY FUN
2:35                                                                                DISMISSAL                                                                             

Class Links

Mystery Science

Reflex Math

Khan Academy Math

Reading Counts


Quizlet Social Studies vocabulary words, games: 

Spelling City

Access our class's weekly spelling words, take a practice test, learn the vocabulary, play fun games with our current words

Typing Club

Connect Ed (Treasures Anthology)

Access student anthology book


Math/Lang. practice

Go Math 

This website offers numerous links to valuable website for teachers and students and all areas

BBC Typing

Practice keyboard skills


Computer sign in codes:

Google Classroom

Students have login codes inside their HW Assignment Notebooks-will have their accounts all through High School if they stay in CVUSD


Fast Math

User name:  student id#

Log in:  student id#


Khan Academy

User name:  student id#

Log in:  student id#


Typing Club

User name:  student id#

Log in:  student id#


Connect Ed (has Treasures anthology) 

User Name:  CVstudent# Password:  cvstudent#

click on the book and student can select selection to read


Go Math (Think Central) new math books

User Name:  student# Password:  student# 

Students look under My Library

I will be assigning practice reviews for the Chapter Tests under Things to Do

Practice Book-this is their HW book

Student Interactive-lessons they have seen in class

Mega Math-math games

Math on the Spot Videos-reteaches lesson

Student eEdition book-students in class workbook  

Enrich book-beyond level activities

Reteach-extra help


Moby Max User Name:  student# Password:  student#

(reading and math skills) school code is:  Ca9726 or it directs you to school-type in lowercase westlake and Westlake Elementary Westlake Village should pop up (there are several other westlake schools so it's important to type in lower case) if you check the box remember my school, your computer should remember


Spelling City (students may practice weekly spelling 2nd grade lists are separated from  3rd)

no sign in necessary 


Reading Counts (not sure if we're doing a school wide program yet, but we're tracking in our class) students can access books that are available for reading counts points at their Lexile number (I will give you their # at Parent/Teacher conferences)


Quizlet (3rd Grade only) practice for Soc. /Sci. quizzes (no sign in necessary) 


BBC Typing no sign in required