Physical Education

All students receive 200minutes of PE instruction every ten school days.  Each PE class is designed to meet PE standards and we use the SPARKS curriculum. Students complete physical education units including dance, basketball, and much more. We currently have four PE specialists. 4th grade students also participate in Ballroom Dance as part of their PE instruction.


Students receive instruction in music during the school day once a week for 30min.  Students are exposed to general music including rhythmic instruments. In third grade, students learn to play the recorder. Recently, we added Ukuleles to the 4th and 5th grade music curriculum.

Computers / Makerspace

Mrs. Seward is the Computer Media Specialist. Every class receives technology instruction once a week for 30min. This may include time in the lab working on word processing or presentation software, or in our Makerspace discovering coding, robotics, circuitry and much more. Parent volunteers are appreciated during computers. 

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Mrs. Romig is the Librarian. Students go to the library for 30 minutes every week. They are able to check out books from the library. Recently, our library was redesigned to create a more open library environment and promotes student collaboration.

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Computer Specialist

Mrs. Seward

PE Specialist

Mrs. Medina

PE Specialist

Mrs. Miller