All District Chorus Performance

Annual Science Fair

Student Presentation of their entreprenueral unit 

at the CLU New Venture Competition.

4th Grade Ballroom Dance Performance





Programs at Westlake Elementary

Students are provided with a variety of special programs that encourage learning, community building, helping others, having fun, and learning about themselves and the world they live in. Please click on the titles below to explore some of the wonderful programs offered at our school

AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT -  An offering of enriching and fun environments that students can enjoy, and a stress-free, high-quality program that parents can rely on. You can choose from options that range from the less structured pace of Child Care to the more structured opportunities available in the After School Activities Program including Chorus. All After School Programs are offered on a per-semester basis. Each semester coincides with the half way point of the academic calendar.

ART MASTERS - The Art Masters program gives our students a total art education and learning experience that is always enjoyed by our students.

BAND AND STRINGS - Band and Strings classes are available to students during their school day twice a week. Classes are geared towards both beginners and more advanced students. 

CULTURAL ASSEMBLIES - Involving students in activities that will introduce them to a wide range of people is an effective way to create respect for cultural and racial diversity. Westlake Elementary is proud to offer a series of assemblies throughout the year.

eBLOCK (Enrichment Block) - Our eBlock time is designed to provide students with enrichment opportunities based on interest and needs. Some of our eBlock options include: Stocks, Debate, Art, Coding, Creative Writing, Science Exploration, Journalism (School Newspaper), Robotics, Typing, Spanish, Entrepreneurial Unit (in partnership with CLU), Genius Hour, and much more!

MAGIC MINUTES (Meeting Academic Goals In Curriculum) - MAGIC Minutes is a portion of the school day where students are leveled and receive specific ELA instruction differentiated to meet their needs. Our MAGIC Minutes time promotes student achievement.  

READING COUNTS! - Scholastic Reading Counts! is an independent reading program which combines reading practice and software-based reading assessment. Encouraging students to read through reward, the results have been fantastic!

SPECIALISTS - Students of Westlake Elementary have a variety of special classes throughout their week. These include Physical Education, Computers/Makerspace, Library, and Music. 

TECHNOLOGY - The use of computers at Westlake Elementary support and enhance the curriculum. From SMART Boards to educational software, our school is committed to providing a high quality technology education and experience for its students. Click here for links to our software programs to login from home.