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The Direct Donation Program is managed by the Parent Faculty Association (“PFA”) to raise funds for Westlake Elementary School to support educational programs such as but not limited to Physical Education (“PE”), Music, Art, Science, Computer Lab and Library and safety programs such as Campus Supervision.

How and when do I make my contribution?

Team Direct Donation sets up a table at Wizard Orientation & Welcome the day before school begins, the morning of the first day of school including during the Principal Coffee and finally during Back to School Nights. In addition, PFA Registration Forms are always available in the school office and donations will always be accepted in the office or online. For online donations, contact our Direct Donation Chairperson at for a PayPal invoice to be sent to you!

How do I make an Online Donation?

Click here to make a donation via PayPal

How do I know if my employer will match my donation?

Many corporations and firms recognize the importance of a strong educational foundation and offer a dollar for dollar match as an incentive to encourage employee philanthropic donations to elementary schools. A few companies are recognized on our school’s registration form, but in actuality, most large companies and some firms participate in a gift matching program. Check with your HR Department, search the company Intranet or Google (company name) gift match to access the necessary form. Most forms are electronic taking only a moment of your time to fill out. If you need any help, please do not hesitate to e-mail Team Direct Donation at and include “Corporate Matching Gift” in the e-mail subject line.

What does Direct Donation cover?

  • Specialists - Instruction and materials for PE, Science, and Music.
  • Computer Lab and Reading/Math Intervention
  • Library Books and Materials
  • SuccessMaker – Analyzing students comprehension of grade level curriculum in reading and math
  • Reading Counts – Reading Incentive Program
  • Art Masters – Art History & Instruction Program
  • Cultural Assemblies
  • Instructional and Academic Enrichment
  • Class Field Trips
  • Ballroom Dance in 4th Grade
  • Campus Supervision

Don’t my tax dollars cover my child’s education?

Federal & state funding for public education continue to be cut. Westlake Elementary does not qualify for Title One federal funding because of our socio-economic make up. As parents, we worry about the quality of our children’s education. Fortunately, to date Direct Donation has given parents the opportunity to maintain our school’s high academic standards with little impact from state budget cuts.

What happens if we don’t meet our Direct Donation goal?

If we do not reach our goal in a given school year, programs and specialists will eventually be cut.

Do you publicize a list of families who contribute? 

Absolutely not. Who participates and how much they contribute will not be disclosed.

Does Westlake Elementary have any other fundraising programs and/or hold other fundraising events?

Yes. We do generate funds from local businesses in exchange for our patronage. For an overview of these programs please see the Support Us! Section of our school website. 

Please note Westlake Elementary does NOT ask our students, parents and teachers to sell products for school profit.


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