SSC Members

School Site Council Members

Megan Triplett, Principal

Jenifer Marvin, Teacher

Christie McCarthy, Teacher

Tasha Spangler, Teacher

Ann Romig, IMT (Librarian)

Blythe Williams, Parent

Shannon Atkins, Parent

Beth Berger-Schwartz, Parent

Kelly Atkinson, Parent

Kessie Cimino, Parent

Bernard Kuai, Parent

SSC General Information

Every elementary, middle, high, and adult school in the Conejo Valley Unified School District has a School Site council (SSC). Our Site Council is comprised of the principal, representatives of the teaching and classified staff, and parents.  

The SSC measures the effectiveness of current improvement strategies at our school and evaluates the school's effectiveness in meeting the needs of students.  All parents are welcome to attend and participate in these very informative, public meetings.

We meet in the WLE Library on the second Tuesday of every month at 2:45 pm.

Minutes from the previous month will be approved and posted on this page after the current month's meeting.