Senior Tributes Rates

Prices increase on November 18th! Act fast!

11/19 - 12/13:   1/6th page  = $95.00

                              1/2 page  =  $225.00

                               Full Page = $425.00



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TRIBUTE ADS MESSAGE - Monday, December 31, 2018



2020 Wah' Kon-Tah Yearbook Purchases

Have you purchased your 2020 Yearbook?

Buy yours today before the price goes up! 

Now through November 18th, buy your Yearbook for $100.00 with ASB card, $110.00 without. Click here to reserve your book before they're gone:

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2020 Senior Tribute Ad

Interested in purchasing a Senior Tribute ad for your Graduating Senior?

A Special Offer to Parents of the Members of the Graduating Class of 2020!

Purchasing a Senior Tribute ad in the 2020 Yearbook is a great way to recognize your student's accomplishments in these four years of high school. Share your pride in their accomplishments by including personal messages along with pictures of them "then" and "now"!

All Senior Tributes must be submitted electronically, please see below for details! Senior Tributes are placed in the Yearbook in the order in which they are received, so the sooner you purchase and submit your photographs and message, the earlier your student's tribute appears in the book! 


1) Pay for your Senior Tribute here: 

2) Use the following link to fill out the Google Form for your student's Tribute:

Pricing and Details: The following prices are good through November 18th, 2019

Full Page Tribute: $390.00, includes up to 450 characters and 1-12 photos

1/2 Page Tribute: $200.00, includes up to 325 characters and 1-4 photos

1/6th Page Tribute: $85.00, includes up to 200 characters and 1-2 photos



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