WHS California Scholarship Federation

Chapter 1002SC

About CSF

The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) recognizes students for academic scholarship and service. CSF is the State of California’s honor society, of which Westlake High School has a local chapter. Membership is by application only. Applications for membership are available at the beginning of each semester. Applications can be downloaded from this website.  For more information, visit the California Scholarship website at:


Spring 2018 Registration is closed.

For Seniors: If you have earned CSF membership 4 of your final 6 semesters (including one semester using your senior grades) you will be receiving a letter regarding becoming a Gold Seal Bearer.  If you need one more semester of membership, you will also receive a letter about next steps.  If you do not receive a letter by May 1st, please contact Chad Scott at chadscott@conejousd.org.

For those interested in being a CSF Officer: Fill out the application linked below, scan and email it to Ms. Palotay at lpalotay@conejousd.org by June 1st, 2018.  

CSF Application Process

  1. Print your grade report from Zangle (2018 Semester 1)
  2. Download and print a copy of the current application
  3. Use the Instructions Page to help you complete the application
  4. Register in room 12C at lunch only during the dates listed
    1. CSF Bylaws prohibit ANY late registrations
  5. During registration, bring the following:
    1. Completed Application
    2. Zangle print out
    3. $1.00 dues (Cash or Check payable to WHS) or $5 (see dates above)
  6. Keep the CSF receipt 

NOTE: If a student cannot register within the registration time-period, they may have another person bring their information to register them. CSF bylaws prohibit students from registering outside the designated time period.

Senior Grade Check Sheet

Download the Spring 2018 CSF Application

Download the Spring 2018 CSF Instructions

List of qualifying courses

CSF Officer Application

NOTE: Zangle print out of grades are now accepted to confirm grades.  DO NOT ask the office to print your grades.

Current CSF Advisers:
Ms Palotay: lpalotay@conejousd.org