Thank you for your patience as we transition to remote learning. 

1) Students please check your learn.conejo emails (your 6 digit id number @ the learn extension via gmail.) I will be providing you with urgent information there.

2) If you get stuck, start here: https://sites.google.com/learn.conejousd.net/lang?pli=1&authuser=2

3) If for whatever reason, you are unable to reach that page, here is the information you need to know... I will be conduction class via Edmodo.com.

You will need to log into your learn account and then visit Edmodo and enter the appropriate 6 digit code for your class:

advanced graphics per 1 6tj8xg

graphics per 1 bdwmsg

graphics per 2 2j67x4

graphics per 3 8k43gs

digital media period 4 2sbz8e

graphics per 5 rgrn5e

digital media period 6 9pewxs