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"Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think."

-Albert Einstein

Science Center


 Day of the Week   Time   Services Offered 
 Monday  lunch  peer tutoring & test retakes or make ups 
 Tuesday  lunch  peer tutoring & test corrections
 Wednesday    none; closed
 Thursday   lunch  peer tutoring & test corrections
 Thursday  3-4 pm  peer tutoring, test retakes or make ups & test corrections 
 Friday  lunch  peer tutoring & test retakes or make ups



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How to sign up:

  1. CP Chemistry
  2. H Chemistry
  3. AP Chemistry

Contact Information

Email: kponce@conejousd.org

Phone: (805) 497-6711 ext 4312


Period   Subject Room 
 2 H Chemistry   43M 
 3 CP Chemistry   43M 
 4 CP Chemistry 
 5 Science Center Prep   43R  
 6 Conference 
 7 Cheer Field

Class Activities

Letter of Recommendation

If you want a letter of recommendation from me, you must do the following:

  1. Ask me in person, minimum 2-4 weeks before the deadline
  2. If I have agreed, click here and fill out the survey (by hand or typed), your letter will not be started until this is returned to me


Chemistry Poems

      by Nick A. Morse

 I took a Mega Ion Quiz today

I did pretty well if I must so say

I had to learn about thiosulfate

Forcing me to study until 'twas 8

I can only miss five ion questions

In one rapid 13 minute session

This test is either a pass or a fail

I don't want to fail, I'd rather eat kale 

 These quizzes will be worth around sixty 

My maximum score, is only a fifty

Periodic trends
Are my greatest friends
Our fun together never ends
They help me solve what Ponce sends
Whenever there is a problem
They know how to solve'em.
Knowing electron affinity
Gives me pleasure up to infinity
They can help people get over differences,
They are so smart, there is no need for inferences
As knowing the size of atomic radii
Will allow us both to see eye-to-eye
Let me teach you of electron affinity
 Because the fact that you don't know is such a pity 
They even can tell you reactivity!
So next time you feel lost in a city
Don't be scared to get down to the nitty gritty
And remember, periodic trends
Are YOUR only friends

 I want to write another poem

My wordplay is what I have to show'em

However, I'm in a chemistry class

So I have to add science words, like mass

They pressure my creativity

How much? That is nRT over V.

These rhymes go into a new dimension

No one can compete 'til VSEPR's mentioned

Distorted minds say I fell off my peak

 But it's like a see-saw I'll be back next week.