CP Chemistry Textbook Online and Remind

go to Chemistry Digital Book

User name: 2016cpc

Password: whschem.

 (all lower case letters, no spaces, a period at the end of the password)

To sign up for "Remind"

send text to


with the message


CP Chemistry

Students must use a scientific calculator in Chemistry with a "log" button

The calculator does not have to be a graphing calculator, but if students have one already, great!

CP Parent Letter

CP Medical Parent Letter


Back-to-School Power Point

Back-to-School Brochure


Medical Careers

Medical Career Article

You don't have to read the articles, just notice that each page has a picture with information on a Chemistry/Medical Career idea

Medical Career Research Project Rubric.pdf


HIPPA training and certification

Cardiac Camp

Camp Neuro

Health Care Careers Power Point- lots of links!