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Here you will find class information, due dates for homework, quiz, and test dates. Grades will be posted on Q. Information: This is where you will turn in your Service Project Write-ups. 

APES will use Google Classroom. Handouts and links to video lectures can be found on Google Classroom.

Honors will be using Google Classroom and CANVAS for assignments. 

Here is how to join Google Classroom. DIRECTIONS 

APES: Semester 1 service project write-ups are due to on 1/10/2020

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Honors- 2

APES periods 3-6 8ysvx8e

WHS Eco-schools

WHS is proud to participate in the National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools program!

Come be a part of the Eco-warrior team and make a difference on campus, in our community, and the world!

We recycle every other Wednesday and have meetings every other Wednesday at lunch in the library classroom.

Email me if you have any questions or would like to join the club.

Class Information

Intro Letter to parents/students- APES

Intro Letter to parents/students- Enviro H

Syllabus APES

Syllabus Enviro H

Classroom procedures/policies

Safety Contract

APES class website link (must be logged in to your learn account and out of your personal gmail account)

Honors Environmental Field Studies class website link 

Quiz make ups are Thursdays 12:30-12:48 at lunch or by appointment.Test make ups are the day after you return from an absence during class. 

Office Hours 7th period or by appointment

Classroom Wish List

Kitchen size trash bags for collecting bottles/cans

Tissue boxes

Paper towels

Any classroom donations are greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

AP Environmental Science and Honors Environmental Field Studies Teacher

Science Dept. Chair


Phone: (805) 497-6711 ext. 4305



NOTE: This lists the assignments due on the corresponding date. It does not list what your homework is each night. Please plan accordingly and avoid procrastinating. If you have a planned absence, get your work in advance so you do not fall behind.

Assignment due on:

10/1: ch4-3 video notes

10/2: ch.5-1 video notes

10/3: POGIL on selection

10/4: no hw due

10/7:  no hw due

10/8: N. Amer. Biomes WS 

10/9: No hw due.

10/10: Ch.4,7 review quiz; climatograms 

10/11: no hw due

10/14: Ch.4,7 test, Ch.3,4,7 packet, ch.4,7 EC SG due 

10/15: ch7-2 video notes; Biobottle plans rough drafts

10/16: no hw due 

10/17: Ch7-3 video notes

10/18: no hw due

10/21: no hw due

10/22: no hw due

10/23: butterfly lab; turkey trouble

10/24: coral connections

10/25: ferret article, Ch5 rev quiz

10/28: p.3,4 ONLY- biobottle materials; p.5,6 no hw due

10/29: ch5 test, EC ch5 SG due

10/30: no hw due

10/31: no hw due

11/4: no hw due

11/5: no hw due

11/6: unit 1 rev quiz, unit 1 rev ws (posted under handouts for ch.5)

11/7: p.5,6 ONLY- biobottle construction materials

11/8: unit 1 test

11/12: Amer. Serengeti

11/13: ch6-2 video notes

11/14: ch6-3 video notes

11/15: P. 3,4 ONLY biobottle report due

11/18: macroinverteb lab video notes

11/19: river food chains, ch8 rev. quiz

11/20: Biomagnification 

11/21: ch8 test, EC ch8 SG, ch 5,8 packet due

11/22: ch9-2 video notes, p.5,6 biobottle reports due

12/2: no hw due 

12/3: US pop growth ws  

12/4: ch10-1 video notes

12/5: ch10-2 video notes

12/6: cemetery lab

12/9 Graph analysis, ch6,10 rev quiz

12/10: ch6,10 test, ch6,10 EC SG due

12/11: no hw due

12/12: Ch.11-2 video notes

12/13: no hw due

12/16: ch.12-1 video notes, Sub video Q's

12/17: Ch.12-2 video notes

12/18: ch.9,11 rev quiz

12/19: ch.9,11 test, EC SG, Ch.6,10, 9, 11 packet

12/20: no hw due


Honors Environmental Field Studies

Honors Field Studies HW

Please see Google classroom for details.