Welcome to the WHS Science Department


If you have any questions regarding the programs/classes offered through the science department, please feel free to contact the department chair, Mrs. Jennifer Boyd ( (805) 497-6711 ext. 4305).

Courses Offered



  College Preparatory
Advanced Placement

·   Biology

·   Earth Science

·   Chemistry

·   Anatomy & Physiology

·   Marine Science

·   Physics

·   Forensics


Career Technical Education

  • Health Services/Patient Care Pathway
  • Environmental Resources Pathway
  • Engineering Pathway

·   Biology

·   Chemistry

·  Environmental Field Studies

·   Physiology

·   Advanced Anatomy (Application only)

·   Biology
·   Chemistry
·   Physics 2


Academic Dishonesty Policy

Academic Dishonesty Policy - Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Academic Honesty (Bd. Pol. 5131.9)

Definition: Academic Dishonesty is a deliberate attempt to disrupt the learning process by misrepresenting another’s work as one’s own. Dishonesty during tests or classwork includes unauthorized communicating; copying materials or allowing another student to copy; using prohibited notes or devices; obtaining prior knowledge of test content; and/or removing or distributing all or part of any test. Copying another person’s assignment; providing homework/classwork for another student to replicate; plagiarizing or submitting a paper or project which is not one’s own work; and submitting falsified information for grading purposes are also examples of dishonesty.


First Infraction

· The teacher will conference with the student and record a zero for that assignment.

· Within five school days, the teacher will notify the parent and send a referral to the appropriate administrator noting the infraction.

· The student will be placed on contract, with the understanding that a second infraction in the same or any other class will result in the student’s removal from the course in which the second infraction occurred. The contract will remain in effect for two years from the date of infraction.

Second Infraction

· The teacher will send a referral to the appropriate administrator noting the infraction.

· Within five school days, the parent will be notified, and the student will be removed from the course and placed in a Study Hall with a failing grade for the semester.