Service Credit Hours Completed and Signed Task Sheet Due:  May 19, 2017

Theatre I- 6 Hours / Per Semester  = 300 Points

Theatre 2- 8 Hours / Per Semester = 400 Points

Theatre 3/4 - 8 Hours / Per Semester  = 400 Points

1 Hour of Theatre Service Credit = 50 pts

Class Expectations / Theatre Etiquette

Westlake High Theatre Arts Department



The Theatre Arts Spring Class Showcases

House of Cards

(Theatre 2)

April 5, 2016

7:00 PM

The King in Yellow

by Stephen Michaels

(Theatre Practicum 3 & 4)

April 6, 2017

7:00 PM

WHS- The Carpenter Family Theatre

Theatre I Class Assignments

 Song Performance or Karaoke Song Performance - Due Date April 24

a.  Pick a song (Rated G or PG or does not have cussing or derogatory language) that is from the Billboard Top 100's between the years 1940- 2017.  

b.  Song may not be from a musical or used in a musical.

c.  Print out lyrics or write out lyrics on paper; turn in for approval on April 7 at beginning of class.

d.  Song cannot be an original song.  However, you can play an instrument while performing it; or you may accompany yourself with an instrument.

e.  Bring in a CD, or saved in an MP3 or better format, or a phone with the melody or karaoke instrumental version; do not use the voice track.

f.  Prepare to sing on your own by rehearsing it at home and with accompaniment.  

g.  Include in performance:

5 dance moves

gestures and appropriate facial expressions to emphasize meaning

Costume as appropriate for lyrics and song theme

h.  You may sing a duet (no trios); however, each person singing in duet must have solo of equal parts in song and then can harmonize or blend as needed.