Prices October 14 – December 13, 2019: YEARBOOK ONLY $110.00. 

PLEASE NOTE: No extra books will be ordered. PRE-ORDER books by DECEMBER 13. **NO SALES AFTER DECEMBER 13.**


Rates Sept. 30 - Nov. 15

1/8 page: $75

1/4 page: $100

1/2 page: $185

Full page: $350

NOTE: Due to publishing deadlines, Tributes must be ordered by Nov. 15 to guarantee space.


Questions regarding Senior Tributes can be directed to:


Lancer Legend extension: 805-495-7491 ext. 1801

Hours: M-F, 11:10am - 1:00pm

Questions regarding Yearbook sales can be directed to:

Mrs. Nancy McKinney, ASB Bookkeeper


Student Store extension: 805-495-7491 ext. 1101

All other questions can be directed to:

Ms. Joanna Burns, Yearbook Adviser



The Deadline to purchase Senior Tributes has passed. Thank you for understanding.

IMPORTANT: Your COMPLETE ORDER including message and pictures (except those coming from Cornerstone) must be submitted with your payment. Please DO NOT pay for your tribute until you are ready to submit your complete order. **Early Discounts CANNOT BE HONORED if order is not sent in by September 29th.** Thank you!

A Special Offer to Parents of the Members of the Graduating Class of 2020

We invite you to recognize your sons and daughters in their senior year by placing a Senior Tribute in the 2020 Lancer Legend yearbook. Share your pride in their accomplishments by including a personal message along with pictures of them "then" and "now."

All Senior Tributes must be submitted electronically. Please see all instructions below.

The Lancer Legend staff will professionally lay out your tribute to match the book’s design theme – please do not design it yourself. For design purposes, we have strict limits on the number of pictures and words that can be included on your tribute. 

Please note these limits before ordering:

1/8 page: 1 picture, 175 characters MAX (including punctuation and spaces)

1/4 page: 1-2 pictures, 250 characters MAX (including punctuation and spaces)

1/2 page: 1-4 pictures, 325 characters MAX (including punctuation and spaces)

Full page: 1-10 pictures, 450 characters MAX (including punctuation and spaces)

** You may also include pictures from Cornerstone Photography on your tribute. Please let them know which ones you’d like sent and check the box on the tribute form. We will get those directly from Cornerstone. **

IMPORTANT! Please read:

  • Due to layout constrictions, we ask that you send in photos and your message and allow us to create your ad.

  • The staff's layout artists will expertly craft your ad. All ads are in FULL COLOR. We will choose the font and colors that best highlight your photos, and size and place your pictures to achieve the best results.

  • We CANNOT reprint pictures from cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; they are too small.

  • The adviser reserves the right to edit and/or make grammatical corrections to messages.
  • Please pay attention to the character limits for the size ad you chose. (HINT – Type message in MS Word, then highlight the selection, and check the “Word Count.” **Check “Characters-with spaces!”**) We cannot accept responsibility for messages cut off due to being too long on PDF. Please note: Adviser reserves the right to edit messages that are too long. *Please check your message for spelling!


1) Pay for your Senior Tribute by clicking HERE. Please make sure you are ready to submit your complete ad (including       

    pictures) before you pay!

2) Fill out Senior Tributes Order Form on your computer. Go to “File” and “SAVE AS” your Senior's Name.

***PLEASE double-check length of message and abide by limits noted above! Check spelling!***

3) Get your pictures together on the computer. You may send us a .zip file of pictures for larger ads.

4) If you are requesting Cornerstone send pictures to us to complete your tribute, please CALL Cornerstone and tell them 

    which pictures to send us. 

5) Email Senior Tributes Form AND all pictures in ONE EMAIL to: lancerlegend@gmail.com

IMPORTANT: Your COMPLETE ORDER including message and pictures (except those coming from Cornerstone) must be submitted with your payment. Please DO NOT pay for your tribute until you are ready to submit your complete order.