Lancer Library Guidelines

Lancer Library Guidelines: 

The Lancer Library is the academic center and the largest classroom on campus. Students are expected to abide by the following rules:  

  1. Students will study quietly and be respectful of each other. Students that are causing a disruption will be removed from the Lancer Library. Further consequences may occur depending on type of infraction.
  2. Students will not bring food or drink into the library.
  3. Cell phones must be turned off and put away. Music devices with headphones are acceptable before and after school, and at lunch time only.
  4. During the school day students will bring the appropriate green library pass, signed by their teacher, and sign in at the Circulation Desk. (Before school, after school, and at lunch time, students do not need a pass.)
  5. Students must have a clear library account to check out books or computers. Students need to return any late books and pay any outstanding fines in order to check out additional materials. See below for specific information about book and computer check outs.

Book Check Out:

  1. Students may check out books with their current TOHS picture ID card.
  2. Up to three books may be checked out for three weeks each.
  3. Students can renew books on or before the DUE DATE stamped inside each book for an additional three weeks.
  4. Fines for overdue books are accrued at $0.10 per day.

Computer Usage:

Our 42 student computers are for school use only. Use of the computers is a privilege and can be revoked. All of our computers provide access to MS Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Excel. Students may access our book catalog on the computers, as well as the internet. Students may print from any computer, the cost of printing in black and white is $0.15 per page. Color print jobs are $1.00 per page. Pick up your print jobs at the Circulation desk after paying for them. 

Students must check out a computer as they do a book, by bringing their current student ID to the circulation desk. Student accounts should be free of fines and overdues to use a computer. 

Photo Copying: 

The Lancer Library has a photocopy machine for student use. Cost is $0.10 a page, and copies are black and white only.

Other Helpful Information: 

The library has about 16,000 books including fiction, non-fiction, and reference books. Fiction books are arranged by the author's last name in the fiction section. Non-fiction is arranged by the the Dewey Decimal System followed by the first three letters of the author's last name. Reference books have a yellow sticker on the spine and may not be checked out.


The Lancer Library has subscriptions to approximately 30 magazines. Magazines may not be checked out. 

Looking for something GOOD to read? Stop by and visit us, we would love to help you find a great book.