Space Science and Engineering

Space Science and Engineering is designed as an introductory physics course. This is an integrated course utilizing physics, chemistry, and earth science concepts in an engineering environment. The course is designed to generate interest in physical science through engineering projects in a way that increases students' likelihood of success. The applications throughout the course allow students to see the connection between physics and space concepts and engineering design.  The Robotics unit unifies all units and gives students time to build, design, and problem solve using knowledge they’ve gained throughout the school year.

To enroll in this class, students must also be enrolled in the Computer Programming 1 class. These two classes form a cohort called TOHS STEM. Our mission is to create a supportive, small learning community for select 9th and 10th grade students who have an interest in learning Space Science and Engineering and Computer Programming in an exciting, project-based environment. The curriculum of the two classes are "linked" together so that students gain a better understanding of the subject matter. Click here for more details.

Unit Topics

Introduction to Science and Engineering?

How do scientists study the universe? 

Are we made of star dust?

How does the surface of Earth compare to Mars?

What does Gravity have to do with it? 

Robotics (integrated within all units above)